Weekday Hashtag Challenge

I’ve decided to give myself a little challenge for the month of September. I am going to tweet every weekday using one of the popular weekday hashtags. I’ll be the first to admit that Twitter hasn’t been my favorite of the many social media options but I want to put a concentrated effort into it and see if my opinion changes at the end of the 30 days.

For this challenge I’ve picked the following five hashtags to use. I am also going to try for a mix of 80% business based and 20% fun/personal based posts.




#ThrowbackThursday (#tbt)


I’ll be interested to see if this increases my overall engagement with Twitter and if the consistency leads to more followers. My hypothesis is that it will help build up my followers. I think another benefit is that it will encourage me to blog more so that I have some tips and wisdom to share.

My Twitter stats as of today:

Twitter stats 8.29.16

I’ll report back at the end of the month. Interested in joining the challenge? Comment with your Twitter handle and I will follow you.

Follow along with the challenge @devinrdevries

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