The Selfie Seen Around the World: The Power of Twitter

This past Sunday the world gathered around their TVs for the 86th Academy Awards ceremony.  A star-studded event, headlined by comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, it was a night of fun for viewers and attendees alike.  In fact it had the most viewers in 14 years and was the most-watched entertainment telecast in 10 years.

A major contribution to this uptick in award show viewing is being attributed to the power of social media sites such as Twitter.  As Oscar host Ellen took full advantage of social media channels both tweeting and instagraming through the day and night.  The best example of which is the now famous selfie of Ellen with a myriad of A-list stars including Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence taken during the broadcast. This tweet broke records for most retweeted picture and temporarily took down the Twitter site due to huge amounts of traffic.


Now this is an extreme example of the power a simple tweet can have but it is still a good reminder that as business professionals we should not be ignoring Twitter as part of our marketing tool kit.  Here are a few ways Twitter can be of use to you for promoting your business, service or product.

    1. Twitter enables customer engagement and communications – good or bad customers like to voice their opinions and feel like companies are hearing and responding to them.
    2. Twitter provides a platform for real-time communications – spread the latest news, announce a new product, communicate updates for events.
    3. Twitter is a great platform for your business to build its credibility as an industry expert.
    4. Create brand awareness – especially key if you are new or small business.  Post tips or interesting articles related to your business to give people an idea of how you can be helpful to them.

Why don’t you make it a goal this week to either join Twitter and create your first tweet or if you are already on Twitter post at least once a day for a week straight.

Any other benefits you’ve found from using Twitter to promote your business?  Let us know in the comments.

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